Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today's Birds

Migrants are trickling back into the area, poking around the willow buds along with the resident songbirds.  Today I saw Prairie, Yellow-throated, and Yellow Warblers, Common Yellowthroat, Baltimore Oriole, Eastern Kingbird, Green Heron, and others, such as this little Field Sparrow below.  It was cloudy so I had to bump up my ISO, that's why the pictures might look a bit fuzzy. 

Field Sparrow

Field Sparrow

Field Sparrow

Field Sparrow

This Common Yellowthroat was pretty brave and approached within a couple feet.  He took a break from singing witchity witchity witchity to pose for a few pics.

Common Yellowthroat

Common Yellowthroat

Finally, my first Prairie Warbler of the year.  I love their song.  To me it kind of sounds like a sound effect from old video game.

Prairie Warbler


Karen Bonsell said...

OK, I'm kinda jealous! Were they all at the landfill or did you go somewhere? I did have one in my tree today! Yellow rumped, I think! I walked in an area near our house, but no warblers! The mockingbirds were quite active all day though!

Ryan Ankeny said...

Oh just a few landfill birds, no big deal really. Just kidding. Any time I can get this close to good birds is a big deal for me!

Kelly said...

..aaahhh...your Field Sparrow photos are so cute! I love the sweet expressions on those birds--the white eye rings and pink bill get me every time. Great photos of the Common Yellowthroat!

Ryan Ankeny said...

Thanks Kelly!

Jean said...

There is nothing "common" about the Common Yellowthroat to me. The males are so striking with the black mask.
I enjoyed all your cool bird captures!

Dian Miller said...

Agree, I think Common yellow throats are anything but common. Great Shots


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