Monday, April 4, 2011

Falls of the Ohio

I met Karen out at the Falls of the Ohio on Saturday to scope out the eagle and Osprey nests.  A Bald Eagle was on the nest, though it could barely be made out from across the river.  All you could see through the scope was a white head sticking up above the branches of the nest.  The Osprey was a little more visible flying though the sky with sticks in hand, rebuilding the nest.  He got caught in a headwind at one point and actually looked like he was flying backwards for a bit as he was desperately trying to get a stick to his nest.  The nests can be seen at the Clark Cabin site, south of the main park.  Here is a map of the two sites, also check the map below to see where the park is in relation to you.

View Falls of the Ohio in a larger map

The Falls of the Ohio is an Indiana state park right across the river from Louisville.  Likely you have heard of it because of the 390 million year old Devonian fossils that can be found on the exposed ancient sea floor.  It is known as the Falls of the Ohio because originally there was a series of rapids caused by rock outcrops.  However, the falls have mostly been flooded by the McAlpine Dam which was built in 1830.

So I'm still getting my feet wet experimenting with video.  I took this video from the Clark Cabin site and also from Ashland Park.  Both places provide great views of the city.  The wind was a bit heavy at times so if it looks like the video is a bit jumpy, that is why.


Anonymous said...

I love it.

Karen Bonsell said...

Ryan, that video turned out great!! It's just like being there!

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