Monday, May 9, 2011

Bird a Day: Sora

Today's bird a day is the Sora, a secretive marsh bird belonging to the rail family Rallidae.  They are the most common of rails but are seldom seen due to their secretive nature.  Sora are more often heard than seen.  They have an interesting whinny call that alerts you to the presence of a bird you otherwise would most likely never see.  They prefer wetland habitats with emergent vegetation where they forage for seeds and aquatic invertebrates. 


Sora are easy to identify because if their unique chicken-like bill.  The bright yellow bill in combination with the dark black face mask differentiate them from all other birds.  They are about the size of a robin and have a distinctly triangular shape with a short tail.  If close look for the red eye like in the bird above.


Amila said...

Pretty bird! It resembles our White-breasted waterhen in body shape,but the color is very different. The waterhen is not that difficult to spot,but quite difficult to photograph.

Bob Zeller said...

Love your photos. I particularly like that Sora photo. We've have them on our local checklists, but I have yet to see one. Of course, that isn't saying much, as I am still a novice at birding. So maybe soon I'll spot one.


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