Friday, May 13, 2011

Bird a Day: Pine Warbler

***NOTICE: Blogger has been down the last few days due to some server issues.  My blog posts from Wednesday and Thursday appeared and disappeared throughout the day.  They are both back online now as it seems Blogger has fixed its issues.  Just thought I would let you know in case you thought I was giving up on posting a new bird species every day!  I'm still at it!  :)

Pine Warblers are one of the few birds that hang around in Kentucky in the winter and subsequently are one of the first warblers to be heard singing in our area in spring.  They are aptly named because they are usually found in pine trees where they eat large quantities of seed.  They also are one of the few warblers to be found at bird feeders where they favor suet.  The male below was heard singing in a tall pine tree next to my parent's driveway.  I opened my iBird app for my ipod and played the Pine Warbler song.  After much trepidation he eventually dropped down to the branches above the ipod to investigate the rival warbler on his territory.  He was moving quick but I was able to snap this picture quick before he tired of the games and went back to the treetops.

Pine Warbler

Pine Warblers are yellow over most of the body with only the undertail coverts and bottom of belly white.  They have faint streaking along the flanks and two bright white wing bars.  Listen for a trill coming from the tops of pine trees but don't confuse the song with that of a Chipping Sparrow or Dark-eyed Junco, which can easily be done.


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see one of those guys in my area...I would love to see one!

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