Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tornado and Hail Storm

Our thoughts go out to those whose homes and communities were destroyed by the tornadoes yesterday.

After the storms passed through my area, I went outside to asses the damage the hail did to my home... I couldn't help but turn my camera from my damaged house to what the storm left in it's wake. I feel so blessed and grateful that my house was still standing and my heart really goes out to those who lost so much yesterday.

Rainbow after storm

Nature is truly amazing at times... Donut shaped hail?

Donut shaped hail

The hail had melted before I got to photograph it, but it was as large, if not larger, than the golf ball before it melted.

And I noticed all the Purple Nettle in the yard and had to capture the beautiful purples of this "herb".... did you know it is good for you to eat it?

purple and white flower macro


Mia McPherson said...

So glad to hear that your home is still standing and so very sad about the destruction and fatalities that band of storms caused. My thought go to all affected by this.

The rainbow image is lovely. I find the photos of the hail interesting, I wonder why the center melted to form a donut shape.

Ryan Ankeny said...

Michelle, hope all is well with you and you family.

Michelle said...

I have no idea why the center melted like that. The hail was in all different shapes and sizes and that one caught my eye when I was looking at them in the grass.

Thanks Ryan, we're all well. My house is nothing compared to the devastation elsewhere.

Karen Bonsell said...

Michelle, Great post and pictures! Amen to everything you said, my thoughts and prayers have been with all those effected!

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