Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A New Years Eve Spectacular Starling display

I got a spectacular send-off of 2011 On New Year’s Eve! While driving home from Indiana right at dusk, I noticed thousands of Starlings flying over the Kennedy Bridge in amazing formations. Luckily, there is an exit right before the bridge that goes down to Jeffersonville, IN! I quickly took this exit, parked under the bridge, and went down to the riverwalk so I could get a better view of the Starlings showing off their aerobatics over the bridge. This view allowed me to get some shots with downtown Louisville in the background.
European Starlings

European Starlings
John F. Kennedy Memorial Bridge

European Starlings
I discovered that I was not the only one watching the Starlings. This Hawk took off flying into the large murmuration of Starlings. I don’t know if he got anything. If so, I didn’t see it happen. In this picture, I was fooling around with some of the special effects in my Picasa photo editing software! It’s called “focal zoom”.
European Starlings

European Starlings
I was so excited to have an opportunity to witness this. I believe scientists are still researching to determine why & how they do these amazing displays. Until then it will just be one of those natural things that may be unexplainable, but oh so cool to watch!
A view of The George Rogers Clark Memorial Bridge (aka 2nd Street bridge)

Downtown Louisville, KY at dusk

I also took some video. Please keep in mind that this video was shot with an old point & shoot, so it’s certainly not the highest quality, and I tried to hold it straight, but was not always successful!


Ryan Ankeny said...

That's pretty wild! Great shots and video Karen!

Karen Bonsell said...

Thanks Ryan! It was pretty cool!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I've seen these displays several times where I live but have yet to get any pictures. You did well and extra bonus points for the video. Don't underestimate your old point & shoot, it did great. I'll have to give your post the Best of Show for this week's WBW. Wonderful.

mick said...

Wow! All those birds! Amazing! And the city skyline and colors of the are very beautiful.

eileeninmd said...

Beautiful capture of the skyline and the all those starlings. It is cool to see such a large group together. Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing.

holdingmoments said...

Fantastic sight to see, when they all go to roost.
Great video too.

Pat Ulrich said...

So cool to see so many over the city -- awesome stuff!

joo said...

Your photos are so pretty a bit terrifying at the same time!

Karen Bonsell said...

Thank you all for your gracious comments! I really appreciate the feedback!

Arija said...

What an absolutely amazing display!
The closest thing I have ever seen is very large flocks of parrots formation flying in the evening sky.

Springman said...

Phenomenal post. Your cityscapes are lovely and I'm surprised at the clarity of these sunset captures. Your picasa experimentations are excellent as well, I have lingered over them for quite a while. To top it off the video of the flocking starlings is a wonderful treat. it doesn't get much better than this, a masterful piece of work!

Carole Meisenhelter said...

well done; great photographs! I'd say those starlings were heading out of town before the big bang

Michelle said...

Great shots! And WHOA!!! That's a lot of birds! I thought of this post today when I was driving and saw a huge flock of birds flying together from yard to yard.

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