Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bald Eagle Over the Outer Loop in Louisville

Today, I had the rare treat of seeing a Bald Eagle up close and personal.  I was on the Outer Loop near I-65 when this Bald Eagle flew over me and landed in a tree right by the road.  I immediately reached for the camera and was able to snap off a few before it flew.

Bald Eagle

When the Bald Eagle landed in the tree he chased of the Red-tailed Hawk that was sitting in it and the size comparison when they were side by side was very noticeable.  The Bald Eagle looked to be almost twice the size of the Red-tailed Hawk and the Red-tail had no other option than to flee the tree.  As you can see in the photo above it looks as if the Bald Eagle has something in its talon, a starling maybe?  What do you think?

Bald Eagle

This is the third Bald Eagle I have seen in the area in as many years.  There have been nesting pairs reported from the Kentucky side of the river at the Falls of the Ohio and along the Salt River in Bullitt County.  They are becoming more common in the area with sightings seeming to increase every year.

Bald Eagle

If you are in the southern end of Louisville around the Okolona area, be on the lookout for this spectacular bird.


Karen Bonsell said...

Oh wow, how exciting!! You got some excellent shots!! I would love to see a Red-tail next to a Bald eagle! Thanks for sharing!!

Tim Price said...

Saw it again today. Outer loop and grade lane

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