Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kentucky Hunter's Moon

On the drive home from work I couldn't help but notice how large and beautiful the moon was coming up from the horizon.  I've never seen the moon so big and low in the sky, it almost looked like a second sun.  It turns out this moon is known as the Hunter's Moon which follows the Harvest Moon.  It is so named because the light given off from the moon's reflection of the sun would allow hunter's to stalk their prey into the night.  The full Hunter's Moon isn't until tomorrow so you still have a chance to see it tomorrow evening.  Be sure to be on the lookout at sunset because it was one of the prettiest moons I have ever seen!

I hope everyone appreciates the lengths I went to to get this picture.  :)  I could see the moon for the trees so I had to go upstairs, pop out the screen, and hang halfway out the window to snap this shot.  I am probably getting quite a reputation with my neighbors.  I cranked the ISO up to 3200 which is why it is so pixelated, but that was about the only way I could get a shot.  By this time the moon had risen pretty high in the sky, when it was just coming over the horizon it was huge!  Try to spot it tomorrow at sunset as it comes over the horizon, you will not be disappointed!


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